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My CookBook Android Beta

Android users can subscribe directly to join the beta program by using this link : Open the link ank click on the button “Become a tester” It will confirm you have joined the beta program in a new page. You can leave the beta program as any time by clicking on the button “Leave the […]

Meal Planner v2 8

Hi, We are happy to announce we are redesigning the meal planner ! You can already try the new meal planner one the website here And a new release of the My CookBook Android app (v5.1.6) was just published. Let us know if you have any issue or any feedback !   If you […]

Change your image in the menu

This feature is available for users with an online account on If your android application is linked to your online account, you will be able edit your image. Open the menu and click on the pen : It will open the following link Go to the header image section and choose your image . You can […]

Create or edit a recipe

  Ingredients and steps Using the + button to add new ingredients or steps is optional. You can paste or write several lines into one ingredient or step field. The app will split the lines when the recipe is saved.    OR    When you select an ingredient or a step, a new action bar will […]

What’s new in My CookBook 5.0? 11

New design and new theme Select the Atlantis theme in the settings of the app, if you want to use the new theme On your tablet : View your recipe On your tablet : Run a timer If you tap on the button on the left of the time , it will open and run a timer […]

Import txt files 4

My CookBook allows to import recipes from .txt files. Here is an example of .txt file : Angel Food Cake by: source Category: Dessert Tag: Easy Cook Time: 1 hour Yield: 1 bundt pan Prep Time : Ingredients: 1 1/4 c cake flour 1 3/4 c white sugar 1/4 tsp salt 1 1/2 c egg […]

File Import / Export page improvements 2

In release 4.14.13, some buttons of the “File Import / Export” page have been moved in the action bar.   Select a file in the list. Two buttons will appear in the action bar : Button 1 allows to send the file by email Button 2 allows to import the recipes from the file