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Meal Planner v2 8

Hi, We are happy to announce we are redesigning the meal planner ! You can already try the new meal planner one the website here And a new release of the My CookBook Android app (v5.1.6) was just published. Let us know if you have any issue or any feedback !   If you […]

What’s new in My CookBook 5.0? 11

New design and new theme Select the Atlantis theme in the settings of the app, if you want to use the new theme On your tablet : View your recipe On your tablet : Run a timer If you tap on the button on the left of the time , it will open and run a timer […]

File Import / Export page improvements 2

In release 4.14.13, some buttons of the “File Import / Export” page have been moved in the action bar.   Select a file in the list. Two buttons will appear in the action bar : Button 1 allows to send the file by email Button 2 allows to import the recipes from the file

Material design for My CookBook 1

My CookBook v4.14 has been redesigned! Recipe list You can change the look of your list of recipes in the settings of the app. Here are the different views : To change the view, go to the settings of My CookBook and open the “Recipe List layout” section : Material design All themes have been […]

My CookBook is on your Android Wear watch 9

Track your recipes on your Android Wear watch with My CookBook 4.13 You just have to open a recipe on your phone or your tablet. It will open your recipe on your connected watch   Swipe horizontally and tap the Cook button, you will show ingredients. Swipe again to get directions. Swipe vertically to read […]

Kiip Rewards 9

EDIT : Kiip Rewards were removed in release 5.0.10 … My CookBook has teamed up with Kiip to offer you rewards ! By adding a new recipe, you will have a chance to earn rewards : You just have to enter your email and the reward will be emailed to you instantly (No-spam guarentee). Pro […]