Create or edit a recipe



Ingredients and steps

Using the + button to add new ingredients or steps is optional.

You can paste or write several lines into one ingredient or step field. The app will split the lines when the recipe is saved.

recipeedit-2   OR   recipeedit-4


When you select an ingredient or a step, a new action bar will appear ingredients-edit with the following buttons :

  • Buttons 1 & 2 : Reorder ingredients or steps.
  • Button 3 : Merge the focused lines with the previous one.
  • Button 4 : Split the current line. Text after the focus is cut and pasted into a new field

42 thoughts on “Create or edit a recipe

  • Michael Dickerson

    When you change the yield or servings can the ingredients change automatically? This would help tremdously in feeding a large cloud and by the way I thunk your app is awesome.


  • Barlie

    How do I add categories? I just upgraded to premium and I thought it would. E something simple. Please help.

  • yogimel

    Is it possible to change the gallery picture? I have multiple pictures of one receipt, and at the moment I have to delete the front picture and the other one. Then I have to add them again.
    Thank you

  • Drew

    Is there any way to have the cooking time always displayed on each recipe on the gallery screen? I only have a few showing… And an option to sort by cook time would be awesome! Most of my dinner meal plans during the week hinge on how much time I have after work, which varies week to week.

  • Joan Collins

    I love this app, but why am I unable to print my recipes using my HP all in one printer? It won’t let me.

  • Joan Collins

    Why am I unable to print my recipes using my HP all in one printer? It won’t let me.

  • Wes Diehl-Borbón

    I imported a recipe from a website/food blog, it downloaded the description and instructions, but not the ingredients. Any idea as to why it didn’t transfer completely, and how can I add the ingredients? Thanks.

  • Sue

    This app is the worst app ever. It won’t get pics from pics on your phone, it’s input areas are backwoods, aka ancient technology, and it is the most non user friendly app I have ever downloaded. These apps are the kinds of things that bog down you device no matter how fast your service is and they take up way too much room in the memory of your device. This app should be pulled from any download capable application on all devices and it’s creators should be made to pay restitution for wasting people’s time! It has been deleted from all of my devices and I will never download another app from these creators.

    • android cookbook Post author

      Wow, please don’t be so angry! If you have an issue, you can just contact me and I can help you… The link of support is here : Of course you can delete the app if you don’t like it. The app takes pics from your phone if you have granted the storage permission.

  • James

    Is it possible to make the description area larger? Many of my recipes have extended history and or tips that I would like to include.

    • android cookbook Post author

      Hi, I have added your suggestion in our wish list. It may appear in a future release but our todo list is huge…. It may take some time

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