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11 thoughts on “Meal Planner

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    Debra Lamar

    I absolutely love pro! I have it on my phone and my tablet. I am a cookbook junkie, I have a ton, but I will use this 99 out of 100. I literally spend hours looking for recipes. Keep up the good work.

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    Can you print out or export the planner?
    Also, i do not see an option to free hand a recipe if you do not have recipe uploaded.

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    kann der Mahlzeitplaner nur mit gespeicherten Rezepten genutzt werden?

    Viele Grüsse

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    Meal planner in my app doesn’t work -no “menu” button only the table. How can I plan meals?
    If I eventually plan the meals, I’d love to have a widget on the main screen where I can see the table for at least one day, please.
    BTW, your app is the best of the kind! Thanks.

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      android cookbook Post author

      Hi, you can find a button to plan a meal in the recipe page. We’ll try to improve the meal planner in a future release..

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    Sharon Welch

    On your next update could you include a Print option and Edit option for the Meal Planner? I like to print out the weekly plan to hang on the fridge so I can see if something needs defrosting ahead of time. I also would like to add items to the days meal plan that complete the meal but don’t have a recipe.

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    It would be nice if we could sort the meals in the Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner fashion, with the possibility to inject “inbetween meals” also.
    Cheers / Chris