My CookBook is on your Android Wear watch 9

Track your recipes on your Android Wear watch with My CookBook 4.13

You just have to open a recipe on your phone or your tablet. It will open your recipe on your connected watch



Swipe horizontally and tap the Cook button, you will show ingredients. Swipe again to get directions.

Swipe vertically to read the next steps of your recipe.





Just say “Ok Google Start My CookBook”

It will open again your latest recipe.


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9 thoughts on “My CookBook is on your Android Wear watch

  • Reply

    I have a fossil gen5 watch. When I open the app on my phone and open a recipe, the app on my watch flashes white but does not open. My phone is an Android Motorola G7. I have mycookbook pro.

  • Reply
    Matt Taylor

    As of 2 updates ago, My Cookbook is no longer working on my Sony Smartwatch 3. It says the app has stopped working. I was loving it when it worked.

  • Reply
    Dean McConnell

    Mmmm, available on android wear watches… NOT THE GEAR 2! If you are going to say something like that then you should actually mean it. Not just one watch.

    • Reply
      android cookbook Post author

      Sorry it is not yet planned to support Gear 2 which doesn’t run on Android… But is is in our wish list.
      Andoid wear os is available on 3 watches, and other watches are probably coming soon.

  • Reply

    Having the app for the watch is brilliant. I wish I had known this was coming would have gotten a different watch. In hoping and praying you will be adding the Gear 2 to the list. It runs Tienzen(so?) not android. Love this app use it all the time ever where.

    • Reply
      android cookbook Post author

      Hi, It is not yet planned to support other watches than Android Wear watches… But we will add your idea in our wish list