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To change a setting in the app, open the main menu on top left corner, and select “Settings”

menu-settings  settings1  settings2


  • Application Language : My CookBook is translated in more than 20 languages. Change the app language with this option. You have to restart the app to apply new settings. If some translations are incomplete, you can contribute here:
  • Application Theme : Change the colors of the app. The tablet themes use a bigger font
  • Font size : Increase or decrease the font size
  • My CookBook Online : Used to link your app to your online account on My CookBook Online. You can find more details here: Synchronize My CookBook application and My CookBook Online
  • Disconnect from Facebook : If you have shared a recipe on Facebook, you can use this button to unlink your app from your facebook account
  • Disconnect from Google : If you have used the Google button to log in into My CookBook Online, you can use this button to unlink your Android app from Google.
  • Disconnect from Dropbox : You can use this button to unlink your app from your dropbox account.
  • My CookBook Images Directory : Images of your recipes are stored here. You can change the path and use for example a path on your external sdcard. Images will be copied to the new path, but won’t be deleted from previous path. You will have to purge your old images
  • My CookBook Backup Directory : My CookBook backup automatically your recipes in some xml files here. If you want to export to import or export some files, use this directory. You can change the path. Be careful, since Android 4.4, apps are not allowed to write on any directory on your external sdcard. It is better to choose a directory on your emulated sdcard.
  • Colors : Change colors into summaries, ingredients or directions of your recipes.

My Recipes

  • Use external browser : Check this option if you want to use an external browser when you search new recipes from My CookBook. If you use an external browser, you won’t have the import button. You will have to use the share feature of your browser to import a recipe
  • Import-Export file’s charset : Try to change this option if you have some issue when you are importing recipe from a file
  • Backup Frequency : Recipes are automatically saved in a xml file every day. Change here the frequency if needed.
  • Recipe List layout : You can change the view of your list of recipes :


Gallery – One column


List – Only title

  • Recipe layout : You can choose a tablet layout with one screen for a recipe , or a phone layout with tabs :

Tablet layout

Phone layout

  • Recipe ingredients formatting : You can prefix each ingredient with a bullet. This option is disabled by default
  • Recipe directions formatting : You can prefix each step with a number. This option is enabled by default

My Shopping list

  • Quick delete :  Check this option if you don’t want top have a box to confirm you want to delete a shopping list item


  • Privacy Options : You can customize your GDPR settings

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55 thoughts on “My CookBook Settings

  • Reply

    How can I change the measurement to a different system? I recognize mine as undesirable but it’s the only one I know for now. Thank You!

  • Reply

    When viewing a recipie, and leaving that recipie, the app always takes me back to the start of my recipie list. Is there a way to go back to where you left off on your list and not have to scroll all the way back to where you were? Very frustrating when looking at multiple recipies. I am running your app on a Iphone.

  • Reply
    Katrina Miltenberger

    I have all my recipes on my tablet but can only see about half the recipes on my phone. What do I need to do to see all recipes on both?

  • Reply
    Cindy Baldwin

    Is there a way to organize recipes by category? Mine are just all mixed together? Maybe different colors for different categories? Thank you… Cindy Baldwin

  • Reply

    Ma tablette et mon mobile n affichent pas les mêmes recettes.
    Cela ne se met pas à jour sur ma tablette si je travaille sur mon téléphone portable.
    Comment faire pour actualiser ?

    • Reply
      android cookbook Post author

      Bonjour, vous pouvez forcer la synchronisation en utilisant le bouton Actualiser sur la page qui liste les recettes

  • Reply
    Mike Keys

    Is there a way to make the category sort function be an “and” function and not an “or” function? It would be nice to be able to quickly find a recipe that was an “asian”, “chicken”, ” main course”, “dinner” recipe.

  • Reply
    Maria del mar

    Hola!! Como puedo entrar en mi perfil de aqui, para saber el nombre y la contraseña que puse, que se me ha olvidado.

  • Reply

    I have mistakenly pressed the disconnect butt9 and have disconnected my cookbook Pro from Google account. How could I reconnect please?