Synchronize My CookBook application and My CookBook Online 69

You can synchronize your devices with My CookBook Online. First you have to register on My CookBook Online : Once your account is activated, you can link your app with your online account.

The basic free account of My CookBook Online has some limitations: If your number of recipes exceeds the limits, synchronization won’t work any more. You will have to upgrade to a Premium account.


Open the menu of the app and click on “Settings”


Click on “My CookBook Online”


Sign in to My CookBook Online


Put your username and your password. End click on “Log in”


Then you should be redirected to the app (in the synchronization section) and the first line should be replaced with “Logged in as yourusername”
If your app if properly linked to your online account, the synchronization should start


You will see the synchronization status of your recipes in the list, on the left of your pictures.


sync-orange Modified
sync-black Deleted on the server
sync-greyNot synchronized

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69 thoughts on “Synchronize My CookBook application and My CookBook Online

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    I am logged in appropriately according to the synchronization instructions, however the edits I make on the app do not synch back to the online cookbook. When I view the recipes online none of the ratings or adjustments I made in the app show. How do I get the app to synch back to the online cookbook?

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      android cookbook Post author

      Hi Lizelle, it seems you have several My CookBook Online accounts. Check you are linked your Android app with your right account.

  • Reply

    I’ve followed the steps…logged in, my username is displayed and I click on synchronize and nothing happens. None of my recipes from my old tablet imports to my new tablet. What am I doing I

  • Reply
    Rhonda Welch

    I opened a free online account after i had been using the apps on my tablet and phone. Ive had it longest on my tablet and want to know how to get all the receipes from tablet to phone?

  • Reply
    Maha Aldoori

    Hi, just signed up for a paid account. Syncing mostly worked in the online app, but my changes there are not syncing in my tablet app. Is there something else I need to do?

      • Reply

        Yes. The online version updates based on what’s on my tablet. Here’s two examples I’m talking about:

        1. Online, I added some recipes, but they don’t show up on my tablet app.
        2. Online, I added or deleted photos on a recipe, but the photos don’t show on the recipe on the tablet.

        • Reply
          android cookbook Post author

          You can run a synchronization using the refresh button in the home page of the app

  • Reply
    Elise Lodewyckx

    Is it possible to synchronise the grocery list? I like to edit it on my pc, but take my mobile device to the grocery store…

  • Reply
    Matt Stuart

    I love this app! The only issue I am having is that I get a different number of recipes depending on which device I am looking at. There are 55 on my phone, 21 on my tablet and 19 on my windows computer.

    Am I missing something.

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      android cookbook Post author

      If you look at your phone, do you see a black line on the left of a recipe that is missing online?

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    I had a free Account. Than i was limited .. i logged of an on again and made a scbscription, but all my recipes are gone 🙁
    Can you help me ?