Synchronize/backup your recipes with Dropbox 108

3.4 version introduces the Dropbox synchronization.

Dropbox is a file hosting service that allows to synchronize folders between several devices.

Linking MyCookBook to your Dropbox allows you to backup your recipes, to synchronize recipes between different devices, and to access your last 100 backup !

You only need to create a free Dropbox account to use the feature.




In the action bar, select dropbox in the dropdown list.



You access the dropbox website and you can login to an existing account.



Or you need to create a free account.



Grant My CookBook to access the MyCookBook folder of your Dropbox


Import recipes or shopping lists


Export recipes or shopping lists

Once My CookBook is linked to your Dropbox account you can see your files on your dropbox account.
The export button in the action bar will save all your recipes into your Dropbox.
If you select a file, the import button will allow your to import your file.


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108 thoughts on “Synchronize/backup your recipes with Dropbox

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    Gypsy Jane

    I would like to have a desktop version that I can use on my computer when offline, also, with Dropbox sync. in the works? we are not all always online. thanks.

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    Hello MCB (Android Cookbook),
    love ur app. Problem; I’ve been trying to export my recipes into Dropbox over about the last 7 hours, or so. Perhaps it’s me but, I cant seem to get this to work. I simply end up with an empty MCB file on Dropbox. Ive tried to follow the directions, but the directions don’t match up with most of the actual visuals and words while following the app’s directions. I really need to get this done because Samsung wants to update my unit’s software as a “must -do”, but it advises thst all info be backed-up first. I DONT WANT TO LOOSE ALL OF MY PRECIOUS RECIPES. Help, please???

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      android cookbook Post author

      Maybe your file is too big ? Do you have a lot of recipes?
      You can export also backup your recipes on your SD Card, then move your file somewhere else…

    • Reply
      android cookbook Post author

      You can have 100 backup files (not recipes). The number of recipes is not limited in your backups.

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    I have some recipes on my tablet and other recipes on my phone. I want to combine the two without losing the recipes on either one of them and without any duplication. How can I do this?

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      android cookbook Post author

      Hi Lois, you can use our “File Import/Export” page. Choose the option “Add all missing recipes and/or shopping lists” when you import your recipes. It won’t delete any recipe, and it will copy the recipes with a different title

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    Are you planning to make this automatic in the near future like other apps that use dropbox? where you just tell the app that you are using dropbox and once it is linked, it will use the file in dropbox as the main file? The import/export to dropbox, is a waste of time and should be automatic if the user would like. I have grown accustomed to the automation of dropbox and other apps.

    • Reply
      android cookbook Post author

      We will add an option to make it automatic. We are also working on an online version of My CookBook. It will be possible to synchronize the app with the online account. Recipes will be saved on the cloud

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      android cookbook Post author

      Hi Amanda, please send us an email with any additional information you may have. Any screenshot ? Any error ? Thanks

  • Reply

    Thank you! I had to change from a Vizio tablet to the Nexus 7 and did NOT want to have to hunt for the recipes again.