Synchronize/backup your recipes with Dropbox 108

3.4 version introduces the Dropbox synchronization.

Dropbox is a file hosting service that allows to synchronize folders between several devices.

Linking MyCookBook to your Dropbox allows you to backup your recipes, to synchronize recipes between different devices, and to access your last 100 backup !

You only need to create a free Dropbox account to use the feature.




In the action bar, select dropbox in the dropdown list.



You access the dropbox website and you can login to an existing account.



Or you need to create a free account.



Grant My CookBook to access the MyCookBook folder of your Dropbox


Import recipes or shopping lists


Export recipes or shopping lists

Once My CookBook is linked to your Dropbox account you can see your files on your dropbox account.
The export button in the action bar will save all your recipes into your Dropbox.
If you select a file, the import button will allow your to import your file.


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108 thoughts on “Synchronize/backup your recipes with Dropbox

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    I purchased My Cookbook Pro app years ago. I know that the recipes don’t sync with the online version anymore, but I paid for Pro app so I wouldn’t lose all my saved recipes from my phone. I just opened my app and only a few recipes are there. What happened to all my saved recipes? I had years worth of recipes saved on the Pro app.

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      android cookbook Post author

      You have reached the limits on the free account of My CookBook Online.
      The number of recipes is limited on the free account of the online version (
      When the limits are reached, synchronization between the app and the online account doesn’t work any more.
      In order to increase the limits, you have to upgrade your online account.

      Another way is to export manually your recipes from the website and import it in the app using our File Import / Export feature

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    Michell Franklin

    In the future would you consider adding a category called Notes or something like that where we can import little memos about food related topics ie measurements, substitutions for ingredients, history of a food topic etc. I just read about why cranberry cans are upside down that I’d love to save. I tried to import the list of substitutions thinking it might put it into the list under ingredients but it didnt work. I love this app and would love for it to have it be my 1 stop food library.

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    I have my recipies saved in my dropbox now…but i cant seem to import ir export the to my cookbook??
    Can tpu advise