Tutorial – Import your recipes on a new device 39

You are changing your phone and want to import your recipes on it ?
First you have to backup your recipes on your old phone, and then import them on your new device. The easiest way is to use your dropbox account. You can find on that page how to configure My CookBook to connext your dropbox account : Synchronize/backup your recipes with Dropbox.

Here are some screenshots to help you backup and restore your recipes :

On your old device





Open My CookBook and click on the “File Import / Export” button




Click on the dropdown list in the action bar and select “dropbox”


Click on the export button and select “Export recipes” if you want to backup your recipes. Click on “Export shopping lists” if you want to backup your shopping lists


Select the recipes you want to backup (or check all)

And click on the “Export to” button.


Choose the .mcb format (it will contain your images).

You can change the name of your backup file if you want.

And Click on “Export”


The file is uploading on your dropbox account

On your new device


Now you can open My CookBook on your new device and import your recipes

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39 thoughts on “Tutorial – Import your recipes on a new device

  • Reply
    lawrence allpress

    I am trying to transfer from one Samsung to another. I have tried your tutorial via the dropbox. I have successfully put an mcb and an xml backup file into the dropbox, but the “list of files” does not appear in the new phone.

    • Reply
      android cookbook Post author

      Hi, Could you check in your device settings that the “Storage” permission is enabled?
      Go to Settings / Apps / My CookBook / Permissions / Storage

  • Reply

    Every time I try and export my recipes to put them on a new device I get an error. None of the options work. I’ve tried every combination. It’s been like this for a very long time.

    • Reply
      android cookbook Post author

      Hi, If you are using the same google account on the Play Store, you don’t have to purchase it again

  • Reply
    John Renfree

    How do you delete the entire cookbook? Even though I import with add new recipes, it continually duplicates the entire cookbook. I also can’t sync with Dropbox.
    John renfree

    • Reply
      android cookbook Post author

      Hi, are you selecting the option “add all missing recipes” ?
      If you want to delete all your recipes, you can reinstall the app, or go to the settings of your device and clear the data of My CookBook

    • Reply
      android cookbook Post author

      Hi Edie,
      We don’t have yet an app for iPad…. We will work on it next year
      You can use the online website in the meantime

  • Reply

    Purchased on,Amazon, then uninstalled the store. Now it won’t let me run the app. Says I have to be signed in to Amazon to run. Goggle Play store says I have to buy it again. Is there any way to resolve this without reinstating Amazon?

    • Reply
      android cookbook Post author

      Hi Chris,
      I am afraid you will have reinstall the amazon store…. Google Play and Amazon have different licenses…

  • Reply

    Yes the path in the settings are correctly, the images are located in the corresponding folder but no images are displayed. But I figured out the path in the database was wrong. About the path of the tablet (samsung Tab3) is not the same as on the smartphone (SG2). I have solved the problem als follow: exported the database from tablett as *xml. After export I’ve edited the XML-file and corrected the path from
    /storage/emulated/0/MyCookBook/images to /storage/sdcard0/MyCookBook/images
    After import to SG2 the images are displayed and everything is allright now.

    Cheers Ron

  • Reply

    I’ve transferred all my recipes from my tablet to my smartphone successfully. But there is something wrong with the images. They are completely in the folder /storage/sdcard0/MyCookBook/images but they are not displayed in the recipe view…