What’s new in My CookBook 5.0? 11

New design and new theme

Select the Atlantis theme in the settings of the app, if you want to use the new theme


On your tablet :

View your recipe


Swipe horizontally to view additional images

Swipe vertically to read description and nutritional data.

Swipe vertically to read description and nutritional data.

Comments and sources have been moved after directions

Comments and sources have been moved after directions

On your tablet :
Tablet recipe view

Run a timer

If you tap on the button on the left of the time run-timer, it will open and run a timer on your device : timer

Shopping list


Add an Internet Recipe

Search on the web new recipes and import them into My CookBook



Open the main menu and select “Add an Internet Recipe”


Enter any word in the search area and select your language


It will search recipes on the websites compatibles with My CookBook


Tap on the recipe of your choice. Then tap on the “Import the recipe” button if you want to save the recipe.


The recipe is saved

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11 thoughts on “What’s new in My CookBook 5.0?

  • Reply
    A. Castrillon

    If one imports the ingredients of several recipes into a shopping list, the amount of similar items are not added up to each other. Neither does the App list the items in alphabetical order. If one wants to go shopping for the recipes of a few days the list is useless unless one manually adds up how much/many of one ingredient is needed in total.

    • Reply
      android cookbook Post author

      Since we import recipes from various sources, especially from websites, and for various languages, it was too complicated for us to separate the quantities from the ingredients. We have decided we won’t implement that for the moment…. Maybe one day

  • Reply
    Dieter Müller

    I like the new design and the division of the directions paragraphs into number sections. But that also leads to some problems:
    – it’s not possible to to add a headlines or a new line in a number section since every line break is transformed into a new section. I guess it would be better to detect double line breaks instead of single line breaks.
    – editing of the text is not as comfortable as it was with continuous text (now a lot of copy/paste is needed).

    Additionally I’m using a non-4:3 tablet (Nexus 7) and the gallery layout doesn’t look like it’s shown in the screenshots. The images a much flatter than before and only a (too) small part of the photos is shown now.

      • Reply
        Dieter Müller

        Thanks for your fast response! I checked v5.0.5 and besides the bug fixing the possibility to switch between two views is another great improvement in usability.
        Unfortunately I wasn’t able to figure out how to insert several lines in one direction step as described in the update info; everytime I save, every line still gets its own number. Is there a special procedure I have to take care of?
        Another thing that was helpful in the former version: when using the scale function the “target yield” was also shown the ingredients section (esp. when preparing bigger amounts I tend to forget what I put in – perhaps I’m getting old 😉 ).

        • Reply
          android cookbook Post author

          Hi Dieter, thanks for your feedback. Currently it is not possible to remove the steps numbers… Maybe in a future release.
          I’ll add back the target yield in the ingredients section in a next release