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Synchronize My CookBook application and My CookBook Online 64

You can synchronize your devices with My CookBook Online. First you have to register on My CookBook Online : Once your account is activated, you can link your app with your online account. The basic free account of My CookBook Online has some limitations: If your number of recipes exceeds the limits, synchronization […]

Add your own websites 74

Your favorite site is currently not supported ? If you are not afraid by html, xml, xpath or regular expressions, you can now try to support your favorite website by yourself ! My CookBook uses different algorithms to import a recipe. One of them is to use a site definition that describes a recipe page. […]

Synchronize/backup your recipes with Dropbox 108

3.4 version introduces the Dropbox synchronization. Dropbox is a file hosting service that allows to synchronize folders between several devices. Linking MyCookBook to your Dropbox allows you to backup your recipes, to synchronize recipes between different devices, and to access your last 100 backup ! You only need to create a free Dropbox account to use the […]

File import/export

How to import from a file ? There are two ways : Using Astro or another file browser, click the compatible file to launch it with My CookBook Copy your file on your device in the backup directory of My CookBook and use the import menu (File Import/Export). You can find or modify the backup […]